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The Howard Law Firm llc advocates to obtain the maximum compensation possible for people who have been injured by medical malpractice and the carelessness of others to assist them in coping with and healing from their injuries. We understand that causing guilty parties to account for their misconduct is an ethical pursuit which results in positive change that ultimately protects others from being injured.
The Howard Law Firm llc also utilizes a wealth of construction, litigation and insurance experience to represent clients in transactional and disputed matters, including:
  • Drafting and negotiating design, construction and commercial contracts
  • Providing real-time project counseling
  • Resolving design and construction defect claims
  • Resolving delay, loss of productivity and business interruption claims
  • Perfecting and resolving mechanics lien claims
  • Performing comprehensive insurance coverage analyses
  • Resolving insurance coverage claims
The Howard Law Firm llc is committed to providing superior legal services that enable its clients to successfully achieve their goals efficiently and economically. We accomplish this objective by:
  • Being prompt, responsive and accessible
  • Working closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their needs and objectives
  • Communicating legal information in understandable terms
  • Assisting our clients to evaluate the legal risks they confront and to make informed choices based upon those risks
  • Committing ourselves to excellence in everything we do
  • Passionately, aggressively and tirelessly advocating to advance our clients' interests