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Insurance Coverage Analyses
Insurance coverage questions can take many forms. In some cases, a person or business has been sued and is uncertain whether the allegations of the lawsuit require the insurance company to defend and indemnify the claim. In other circumstances, a person or business may have sustained a loss to their own property and is uncertain whether the costs to repair or replace that property are covered by an insurance policy. In addition, evaluating insurance coverage can be invaluable when considering whether to prosecute or defend a lawsuit. The existence of insurance that must respond to a given claim can mean the difference between a claim that is worthwhile to pursue and one that is not.
The Howard Law Firm llc possess more than a decade of considerable experience performing insurance coverage analyses for policyholders and insurance companies. If you confront a loss or claim for which you question whether insurance coverage is available, The Howard Law Firm llc can help you. Please contact us for a free consultation.