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Real Time Project Counseling
It is common for issues to arise during a construction project that require legal assistance even before a claim is made. For example, an owner may need to know what steps it should take when a contractor unexpectedly fails to perform the work. A contractor may need to know how to protect its interests when an owner has unexpectedly refused to pay or has indicated that the contractor should stop work. There are countless other examples. In many cases, the parties‘ rights and responsibilities will be defined in their contract. However, there are times when the contract does not address the issue confronted, or addresses the issue in a less than clear manner.
Obtaining legal advice on these issues when they occur, as opposed to waiting until a dispute arises or a lawsuit is filed, can save parties substantial sums, time and aggravation. The Howard Law Firm llc, has extensive experience in all phases of construction from drafting and negotiating design and construction contracts through dispute resolution, to representing owners, developers, architects, engineers, design-build entities, contractors and subcontractors in numerous complex disputes relating to design and construction. Based upon this extensive experience, The Howard Law Firm llc assists clients to address and manage their risks, real-time, when issues arise on a construction project.
If you are involved in a construction project and believe that you may exposed to liability for an issue that has arisen, The Howard Law Firm llc can help you. Please contact us right away for a free consultation.