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Pharmacy Error
The term "medical malpractice" encompasses pharmacies and pharmacists who dispense medications, each of which may be liable for damages caused by their failure to perform their duties carefully. For example, consider a pharmacist who is supposed to dispense a blood thinning medication at a certain dosage, but accidentally dispenses twice the recommended dose, the consequence of which is that the patient begins to bleed uncontrollably and dies. In other circumstances, pharmacists may place the wrong medication in a patient's prescription bottle with devastating and long lasting consequences, including potentially death. In these and other scenarios, the pharmacist and the pharmacy may be liable for all damages resulting from the patient's injuries, pain and suffering.
If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of pharmacist error, you should contact The Howard Law Firm llc right away for a free consultation, particularly because there is generally a two year statute of limitations to file a pharmacist malpractice lawsuit. Please remember that if we take your case we will not charge you any fee unless we obtain a recovery.