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Construction Contracts
The Howard Law Firm llc has vast experience drafting and negotiating design and construction contracts on behalf of owners, developers, architects, engineers, design-build entities, general contractors and subcontractors. We are well versed in standard form design and construction contracts, such as the American Institute of Architect form agreements, the Engineers Joint Contract Documents form agreements and numerous manuscript design and construction contracts. In addition, we are uniquely situated to represent clients who require the drafting and negotiation of a contract for design or construction not only because of our substantial experience doing so, but because of our deep experience mediating, arbitrating and litigating design and construction disputes. This combined experience enables us to understand the risks our clients confront on multiple levels. Moreover, because we have represented all participants in the design and construction process, we not only understand the issues pertaining to each such participant, but how the participants’ respective roles, rights and responsibilities interrelate.
Too often, we learn of clients who neglected to engage counsel to draft and negotiate their contract for design or construction. Frequently, we hear that one simply relied upon the validity of an accepted form contract or felt that the cost involved to engage counsel was not justified by the likelihood of a dispute occurring. However, it is not uncommon for standard form contracts to require modifications or supplementation. Further, those who engage in design or construction regularly know that there is no such thing as a perfect design nor is the construction of any project completed without some issues. Failing to draft and negotiate a competent design or construction contract at the outset is akin to gambling with the future. More importantly, through our deep experience, The Howard Law Firm llc is able to draft and negotiate design and construction contracts economically and efficiently. This enables our clients to affordably protect and manage their interests. In fact, our hourly rates are far more reasonable than the rates of other counsel who draft and negotiate design and construction contracts - yet another area where our clients truly benefit.
Whether you require assistance drafting or negotiating a contract for design or construction or counseling on your rights and responsibilities under a contract, The Howard Law Firm llc can help you. Please call us today for a free consultation.