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"I have absolutely no hesitation in stating that David Howard is the best litigator in the Construction Law Group [at Schiff Hardin LLP]. He is creative, hardworking, excelling both at strategic thinking and planning and the development and organization of details. He has a natural aptitude for advocacy and can adopt the demeanor of an aggressive gladiator or a gentle counselor whenever it suits the client's goals."
Mark C. Friedlander, Esq.,
Co-Chair, Schiff Hardin LLP
Construction Law Group

"I don't know what you're paying David [Howard], but whatever it is you ought to give him a raise. The vision he had to resolve [this matter] has finally been realized. His approach included one of everything; schmoozing, bullying, being lawyerlike, and, most importantly, taking the most practical approach to a complex set of facts and legal issues and orchestrating them to a result that all can take pride in. Fun to watch him work." David Howard is "a professional at the top of this particular game [resolving construction disputes]."
Hon. Clifford Meacham (retired)
Circuit Court of Cook County County Division,
Mechanics Lien Section Mediator JAMS ADR (current)

David Howard's "attack style is a breath of fresh air and stands in contrast to the all too familiar plodding and 'professional courtesy' mode I have experienced with other attorneys." David Howard "played this out just perfectly with a strong hand and focused approach. The summary judgment angle was key.
Michael Cornelius
Executive Vice President
Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc.

David Howard is one "of the finest, most polished and highly skilled attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in my nearly 40 years in business." David Howard "represented us in a difficult and intricate case, with dignity, integrity and professionalism..." David Howard "possesses a high degree of skill...[he is] exceedingly articulate, concise and direct both in written word and during litigation." In dealings, meetings, depositions and day to day management of proceedings David Howard showed "the very highest degree of professionalism to all parties involved [and] it is simply refreshing to work with [a lawyer] who is so focused and businesslike at all times." David Howard's commitment to the case gave "such a secure feeling knowing that win lose or draw, [he] will see this case through to the end." David Howard has "a true passion for the law. The more demanding the case becomes and the more heated the exchanges in court, the better" he performs. "When I see the way...David Howard argue[d] on my son's behalf, unwaivering and with such conviction, I feel a tremendous amount of pride." David Howard "is concerned about [my son] and share[s] his burden. I feel that we have more than mere attorneys here. We have advocates, partners and [a lawyer] who truly cares."
Thomas McCauley
Surf Development Corporation