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Design Professional Malpractice Claims
Design professionals such as architects and engineers face potential liability for malpractice claims in virtually all phases of design and construction. For instance, notwithstanding the fact that a design professional’s contract may specify that the design professional does not have any responsibility or control over safety measures, a construction worker who has been injured during construction may nevertheless name the design professional as defendant in a personal injury lawsuit, alleging that the design professional voluntarily assumed a duty to protect the construction worker, failed to do so properly and, as a result, the construction worker was injured. In other circumstances, designed structural elements may collapse causing injury to people or property, and these and other alleged failures may potentially delay completion of a project which leads to other financial losses, the liability for which others may attempt to impose upon the design professional. There are, of course, countless other ways in which design professionals confront potential exposure arising out of their work.
The Howard Law Firm llc has more than a decade of substantial experience successfully defending and prosecuting claims for design professional malpractice, including highly technical and complex cases such as; that an HVAC system for a county jail was improperly designed and, as a result, failed to supply sufficient heating and cooling for inmates; that a uniquely designed library roof failed to perform and as a result leaks damaged the library’s valuable collections; that the design of a semi-conductor fabrication laboratory presented unwarranted risks and otherwise did not properly function.
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