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Defective Construction Claims
Defects or errors in design and construction can result from a number of causes, including inadequate or incomplete design, improper construction practices or materials or interference by any of the participants in the project or third-parties. In some cases, the defect involves the improper installation of materials, such as where a contract requires concrete to be poured and formed using specified materials and processes, but where different materials or processes are used. In other cases, the defect may involve the failure of major building systems to perform as required, such as the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), electrical, plumbing, roofing, framing and other systems. Further, defects in design or construction may cause injury to people or property, such as where improperly installed ceiling material falls and injures a person or damages property, and may further involve substantial repair costs. Identifying who is responsible for such defects can be a complicated task that requires a thorough understanding of the construction process, the roles rights and responsibilities of the various design and construction personnel involved in the project and the law that applies.
The attorneys at The Howard Law Firm llc have successfully represented owners, developers, design professionals, contractors and subcontractors in complex, highly technical defective design and construction claims ranging in value from several hundred thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. We have extensive experience defending design professionals against malpractice claims, as well as in prosecuting claims for defects in design and construction, including claims that: concrete floors on a 34 story, poured-in-place building were excessively deflecting; an HVAC system for a county jail failed to generate satisfactory air-flow and failed to adequately heat and cool the jail; the design and construction of a semi-conductor fabrication laboratory presented excessive risk of explosion; a high-temperature (over 900 degrees fahrenheit) high pressure (over 1,000 pounds per square inch) steam line catastrophically failed and exploded, causing massive property damage as well as interfering with and delaying completion of the project; the design and construction of a library roof was defective and caused leaks that damaged the library’s valuable collections; and the design and construction of renovated and new construction condominiums necessitated repairs valued in the millions of dollars. These are but a few examples.
Whether you are an owner, developer, design professional, contractor or subcontractor who confronts issues arising out of alleged defects in design or construction, The Howard Law Firm llc can help you. Please call us for a free consultation.